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Lawyers’ Professional Liability

Protecting you and your firm when you become the litigant

Dealing with a professional liability claim can be expensive. Even if you are ultimately cleared, the money spent on your defense and the time spent addressing the claim can add up quickly. Professional liability insurance is designed to mitigate these financial risks while also protecting your clients against loss, by helping you meet your obligations to them when dealing with your own claims.

The types claims brought against lawyers range from administrative errors to substantive errors of law. Professional liability insurance policies are designed to cover lawyers and employees of a law firm. Predecessor firms, lawyers or employees no longer with the firm for actions taken while with the firm, heirs, executors, administrators and other legal representatives are often also included in coverage.

Sisk & Co. will work with your firm to determine the appropriate limits, deductibles, and coverages based on:

  • Your firm’s philosophy about risk-taking
  • Your financial wherewithal
  • The types of risk you face in your practice
  • The frequency and severity of claims based on your areas of practice
  • The potential cost for defending claims
  • The potential billable time lost to depositions, trial or other claims proceedings

Our professional liability offering includes the following coverages for law firms:

  • Lawyers’ Professional Liability Insurance
  • Individual Directors’ Liability Insurance
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance
  • Fiduciary Liability Insurance
  • Employed Lawyers Professional Liability
  • Bonds for ERISA Compliance
  • Court Bonds