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Dangerous Anti-Oil & Gas Initiatives on the Ballot – Be an Informed Voter!

Initiatives – #75 & 78

As many of you already know, there are two initiatives, #78 and #75, that activists are gathering signatures for that could have monumental, negative impacts on the state of Colorado, especially for all of us in the industry.  We, like many others, are trying to spread the word and educate everyone on the true impact of these proposed measures.  Below, you will find the recent letter from the (COGA) Colorado Oil and Gas Association’s President & CEO, Dan Haley, which provides a summary of the dangerous ideas being proposed and contains links to resources to help fight these short-sighted and overreaching attacks on our livelihood.

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A Letter from COGA President & CEO, Dan Haley
Stand Up for Industry, Stand up for Colorado, Stand up for our Jobs and Families 

Dear Valued COGA Member,

As you know, activists are currently gathering signatures in Colorado to potentially put two anti-oil and gas initiatives on this fall’s ballot. The initiatives, if passed, would be devastating to our industry and to our state’s economic well-being.

A new study unveiled last week by the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business also showed the initiatives would hurt our overall economy and working people and families across the state. If passed, Initiative 78, a 2,500-foot setback, would eliminate 140,000 jobs and $217 billion in economic activity over the next 15 years, according to the study.

This map, produced by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission shows you that Initiative 78 is a ban on our industry, making 90 percent of the state off-limits to new oil and gas development.

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