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Insurance solutions for pipeline operators and more

Because of the unique exposures, contractual relationships and complex claim scenarios pipeline operators face in the oil and gas industry, many insurance brokers tend to shy away from pipeline insurance. From its inception, Sisk & Co. has taken pride in supporting companies in the energy and oilfield services industries. In addition to our insurance products, we offer aggressive claims management and proactive loss control services specifically adapted to the oil and gas industry.

Our contractor oil and gas insurance specialties include:

  1. Acidizing / Cementing
  2. Casing contractors
  3. Completion contractors
  4. Consultants
  5. Crane and rigging contractors
  6. Drilling contractors
  7. Excavators
  8. Gas processing and refining
  9. Logging / Perforating
  10. Pipeline contractors
  11. Pumpers
  12. Roustabout companies
  13. Swabbing contractors
  14. Tool rental
  15. Well servicing contractors
  16. Workover contractors
  17. Contact us for other specilaties

Risk management services that Sisk & Co. provides our contractor clients include:

  • Review safety procedures and loss control manuals
  • Conduct site visits to provide audits and safety suggestions
  • Perform loss control surveys
  • Claims advocacy and monitoring
  • Research regulatory guidelines (OSHA, DOT, COGCC, etc)
  • Assistance earning state Workers’ Compensation discounts
  • Review contracts for compliance with insurance requirements and indemnity provisions
  • Regularly conduct safety seminars
  • Crisis management services and emergency preparedness plans
  • Distribution of quarterly Safety Newsletter
  • Visit our MSEA site for a more comprehensive list of services

At Sisk & Co. we always use a customized approach for meeting our clients’ needs. We take the time to build relationships, to fully understand your needs and risks, and to ensure you have the coverage in place to protect yourself in the event of a loss.