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Trucking Program

Safety and insurance solutions for transportation and trucking

The transportation and trucking industries create unique insurance exposures for your operations. Whether it is to ensure that the assets of your company are protected or to address the compliance mandates of state and federal governments, the Transportation Unit of Sisk & Co. is uniquely qualified to manage your needs. Our team is committed to providing the highest quality insurance products and at the most competitive prices available.

Our trucking oil and gas insurance specialties include:

  1. Water haulers
  2. Hotshot contractors
  3. Up, mid & downstream operations
  4. Hot oil companies
  5. Rig haulers
  6. Crude haulers

Risk management services that Sisk & Co. provides to our trucking clients include:

  • Defensive driver training
  • DOT regulation training and audit simulations
  • Review safety procedures and loss control manuals
  • Conduct site visits to provide audits and safety suggestions
  • Perform loss control surveys
  • Monitor claims: advocacy and monitoring of open claims
  • Research regulatory guidelines (OSHA, DOT, COGCC, etc)
  • Assistance earning state Workers’ Compensation discounts
  • Regularly conduct safety seminars
  • Distribution of quarterly Safety Newsletter
  • Visit our MSEA site for a more comprehensive list of services

At Sisk & Co. we always use a customized approach for meeting our clients’ needs. We take the time to build relationships, to fully understand your needs and risks, and to ensure you have the coverage in place to protect yourself in the event of a loss.