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Benefit Communication

To determine the most effective open enrollment strategy, we help identify your objectives and what problems need to be solved.  We begin by coordinating the benefit communications with the vendor representatives.  We then build your custom materials to enhance and complete the materials provided by the vendors.  This key piece of the communication process will help your employees better understand the benefits, especially when there are multiple carriers.

We review all vendor communications for accuracy and facilitate the delivery of the carrier materials so they arrive to your open enrollment meetings on time.  We can offer paper, online, or telephonic communications and enrollment.

We also welcome the opportunity to create new services for your unique workforce.  These tools, resources, and services are offered at no cost when Sisk & Co. is the agent of record for your group medical program.

Enrollment Tools & Resources

  • Access to benefits library resources
  • Enrollment Resources and Tools
  • Custom enrollment materials branded with your company logo
  • Benefit statements available to show the value of employer-sponsored benefits

Enrollment Services

  • Our staff conducts the enrollment meetings.  We are available throughout the nation to meet with your employees.
  • Call center available for employees unable to attend meetings, family members, or for those who need extra help after the meeting
  • Collect and review employee applications, submit to carriers for processing