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Claim Advocacy & Resolution

Your claim advocate and claim resolution support team

Sisk & Co. employs a highly trained and professional staff of benefits professionals who are dedicated to solving any difficulties that arise during the administration of your benefits programs. You place one call, and our team works behind the scenes to resolve claim problems and other service issues.

Whether you need to find the best doctor, transfer medical records, sort out billing concerns, process eligibility or resolve complex claim issues, our Claim Advocate supports your HR staff and your employees throughout the entire process. We serve as an extension of your HR department, taking over the complex healthcare claims-resolution process while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Claim Advocate Services:

  • Serve as advocate to your employees while resolving carrier claim issues
  • Direct negotiation with doctors and hospitals
  • Claims data audits
  • Resolution of bill discrepancies

The Advocate Advantage:

  • Time saved for employees—allowing them to focus on their career
  • Potential for saved money—many claims are denied incorrectly
  • Increased productivity and employee satisfaction by reducing grievances and appeals
  • Promotes better understanding  of the benefit plan
  • Reduces billing errors
  • HIPAA compliant, independent, unbiased, and confidential