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Analysis & Plan Selection

National and Colorado health insurance and employee benefits

Our mission is to help our clients provide an employee health benefits program that gives the members quality coverage at an affordable price, enhances the wellbeing of the employees and provides the employer increased productivity and profits. Our benefit solutions are backed by a strong foundation of dedicated and knowledgeable industry professionals.

The Strategy
As your Benefits consultant, we work closely with you to determine the ideal strategy for your benefits plan design. The most obvious method used for planning is the budget, and benefits are certainly a large component of your operating expense.  Aside from price considerations, it’s important to review benchmarking data, claims experience, and the overall value of the products you purchase.

The business world is fast paced and ever changing.  We consider the current and expected benefits market as well as the political climate at each benefits renewal.

Analysis:  We work with you to develop your optimal benefit strategy

  • Prepare bid specifications and analyses
  • Assess current plans and identify alternatives
  • Evaluate and negotiate pricing for optimal rates and network discounts
  • Review benchmarks to maintain competitive edge
  • Provide recommendations for other benefits such as wellness and employee assistance programs (EAP)
  • Assist in the development of contribution strategy

Plan Selection:  Once the analysis is complete, it’s time to make a decision

  • Decide your overall strategy and general direction, long term goals, philosophies, and value
  • Remember that the lowest cost option is not always the best value
  • Consider the best way to accommodate both your budget and your strategy
  • Identify the best possible scenario given the available options and your budget

Colorado health insurance and employee benefits consultants