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Worksite & Voluntary Benefits

Flexible products that help you retain employees

Worksite benefits make it possible to give your employees highly valued benefits that complement your core employee benefit program. We identify individual employee needs and create a suite of products that will complement, enhance, and fill in the gaps left by the primary benefits program. The flexibility of worksite products gives your employees the opportunity to design a program that fits their unique needs and budgets.

We partner with reputable providers with efficient enrollment and administration platforms. We also make certain that the implementation plan includes the resources necessary to educate your employees, answer their ongoing questions, and handle the administrative details.

Advantages of an effective worksite program include:

  • Policies are 100% employee-paid, enabling you to offer a more robust plan without any additional cost
  • Voluntary benefits complement current program by offering compatible plans
  • Employee participation can lower taxable income and may reduce your overall share of FICA and FUTA taxes
  • Worksite programs help attract and retain employees