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A leader among oil and gas insurance and employee benefit companies


Leading oil and gas insurance and employee benefits companies

Every industry has unique needs and its own way of operating. Within each industry each individual customer has a unique operation. Sisk & Co. takes the time to understand each customer’s operations and needs before designing and implementing the insurance program – it’s an approach that makes us a leader among oil and gas insurance companies and employee benefits companies.

Risk Analysis 
The best insurance programs utilize your financial resources to provide protection where it’s needed. Everyone has their own perception of the most critical risks to insure, but Sisk & Co. offers years of experience identifying risk areas not recognized by their clients. Only after a clear understanding of each client’s risks has been reached does a plan to handle that risk become evident.

Risk Management 
Once an insurance plan has been designed and implemented, there is the ongoing task of managing the changing risks that each client faces. From certificate control and contract review for clients engaging subcontractors to something as simple as signing office leases, Sisk & Co. will give dependable advice in those areas of your business that may create new risks.

Insurance Marketing 
Of all the areas in a Risk Management program, one of the most critical is the selection of your insurance carrier. Not being tied to an owned, insurance subsidiary gives us the freedom to shop all markets and carriers objectively. Sisk & Co. can help assess the tradeoffs between price, coverage, and service among various carriers.

Claims Assistance 
Most claims with most carriers go routinely. It’s when things go wrong that a client needs help and advice. Sisk & Co. has handled almost every claim scenario imaginable. It is this background that gives Sisk & Co. the ability to help you through the difficult claims situations that sometimes arise even with the best of carriers.

Risk Financing 
Most insurers can and do offer attractive and easy payment options. This is not always the case. Sisk & Co. has the ability to quickly find a favorable solution to a client’s cash flow problems using outside insurance finance companies.