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Trench Safety & Emergency Response Training

Pinnacol Assurance will be hosting a very low cost live excavation training event just outside of Grand Junction on September 19th.  Both English and Spanish tracks will be offered.  Click Here to view a PDF flyer for the event.

Training will include 90 feet of live excavation set up to demonstrate:

– Soil classification

– Shielding and shoring

– Sloping and benching

– Sloping / shielding combo

– Basics of temporary traffic control plans

– Trench rescue operations

English: Wednesday, September 19th from 7:00am – 12:30pm
Spanish: Wednesday, September 19th from 11:30am – 5:00pm

Where: Skyline Contracting
910 Coffman Rd.; Whitewater, CO  81527

$15 for Pinnacol policyholders and $30 for non-Pinnacol policyholders. Lunch will be provided for all participants.

Registration: deadline to register is September 14th
English: contact Pinnacol at 303-361-4788
Spanish: contact Pinnacol at 303-361-4005

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